EnviroSIP is the only major supplier of phenolic resin composite skins in the Australian market. The composite skins have been successfully used for nearly 30 years in the USA and elsewhere, in applications as diverse as housing, underwater marine platforms, fireworks boats, military systems and major civil construction.  The characteristics of phenolic composites are that they are highly fire resistant, exhibit inordinate strength characteristics, are available in lengths up to 100 metres and are light, inert and contain no food source for pests or mould.


Envirosip laminates the composite skins to core products in Melbourne, producing a range of Commercial cladding substrates, domestic cladding, modular housing systems, fences, internal fitout walls and permanent formwork solutions.  Our range is used by some of Australia’s largest builders and our Armour products provide a unique wall and door solution to social housing assets that are in risk of damage from punching and kicking. Our systems will not fold, buckle, give way or be holed by even the most vigorous human assaults. Our door systems are designed and built in Australia to resist the roughest possible attention and will save their price many times over at high-risk applications. With metal jambs and frames, the doors will not come off their hinges, nor will the hardest kick penetrate the surface. In social housing applications, reduced maintenance costs means that limited resources can be redirected to reducing waiting lists for accommodation.


Our structural panels have obvious appeal where a need for strength and durability is matched with acoustic requirements, flexible panel sizing and light-weight solutions. Whether it be modular housing, roadside noise barriers, retaining walls, tunnel linings or other applications, Envirosip products are an ideal, affordable and adaptable alternative.