Envirosip Armour internal wall panel

Envirosip Armour internal wall panel is virtually indestructible. Built with our premium skin and unique backing system, the panel is unparalleled in domestic applications and is also suited to sporting clubs and areas prone to vandalism.


Ideal for use in public and assisted housing where volatile behaviours cause expensive and avoidable damage, Envirosip Armour panel can be fixed directly to timber frames or quickly and easily laid on top of existing, damaged wall sheeting. When matched with Envirosip’s high-impact door system, the Armour wall panel delivers exceptional resistance to even the most aggressive human contact and will pay for itself many times over, in high-risk rental housing applications.


The Armour panel can be made with additional fireproof capacity and this option also boasts excellent acoustic qualities, thanks to our proprietary foam infusion.

Armour Wall & Doors Finished (9)
Secure •  Strong  •  Fire Resistant  •   Value
Armour Wall & Doors Finished (17)

Envirosip Armour door system

Envirosip Armour door system is rugged and extremely hard wearing, without the clinical, institutional feel of other heavy duty alternatives. The door system fits into a standard opening and is hardly discernible from any other domestic door, until force or impact is applied. Steel frames and jambs are a feature of the system and the door faces are protected by Envirosip’s high-impact skin. The doors will withstand inordinate strikes and assaults and are designed to significantly reduce the cost of damage to doors through violence and vandalism. The doors and wall system combine to provide a safe environment for those at risk from violent behaviours.

Secure •  Strong  •  Fire Resistant  •   Value


Our new Envirosip non-combustible cladding substrate is an ideal fire resistant alternative to plywood backing sheets currently used for muti-storey cladding.


  • Fire resistant to BCA
  • Light and strong
  • Quick and simple to cut and install
  • Available in large sheet sizes from 2.42m wide x 3.0m, up to 16.0m long
  • Suitable for facades with wind pressures up to 3.68kPa
  • Suitable for all flat and curved facades and roofing
  • Environmentally sound – 100% recyclable


A safe and strong cladding substrate that will not burn.
Cladding Substrate Panel
Zinc cladding
Zinc cladding curved
Strong •  Water-proof  •  Impact resistant •  Quick  •   Value

Envirosip structural and modular building systems

Envirosip structural and modular building systems save huge amounts of construction time and also deliver energy efficiencies far and beyond the possibilities of traditional building methods. Our proprietary joining and tie down systems ensure ease of construction and resistance to the strongest of nature’s forces. As with all of the Envirosip Armour range, the building systems are strong, economical without sacrificing quality and environmentally friendly.

Secure •  Strong •  Fire Resistant •  Value

Envirosip Retaining Wall and Fence Panels

Bring any outdoor area to life with our simple panel system that can be finished to match any environment. A simple, yet strong and inert composite retaining wall panel to suit any application – domestic or commercial, made from our unique & durable phenolic resin skin.


As diverse as a simple replacement for unsightly timber retaining walls that weather, bow and rot away, to a simple light weight alternative to heavy, labour intensive concrete sleeper and panel installations.


Panels can be finished off with render, stipple coat or simply paint it.

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Secure •   Strong •  Fire Resistant •  Value

Envirosip Armour Domestic Cladding


Australia’s premier high-impact, external cladding system that removes the need for bricks. Our cladding is available in large sheet sizes, is easy to erect, won’t dent or hole like foam, won’t rust or warp and can take the knocks. Our patented system removes the need for penetration of the skin, ensuring a water-proof finish every time and a system that will stand the test of time.


With the thermal benefits of our foam core, matched with the strength of the facing skin, Envirosip Armour cladding is the answer, upstairs or down.